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The Azaelea

Dress - Self Portrait , Jewellery - Swarovski , Bag - Valentino , Sandals - Steve Madden

 The Self Portrait by the designer Han Chong has been in the spotlight ever since it first came out; be it for the unique lace patterns or the nude dresses. It's played a huge influence on turning the nude dress from a coveted piece to a must have in every closet among all the fashion influencers. The first time I looked at his collections about a year ago, I was awestruck. I wanted all of it! It took me a while to decide what to order, since my budget allowed me to pick just one. Then I came across The Azaelea Dress, in red and in white.

 Being a very clumsy person, I usually refrain from picking up anything white. Yet, there seems to be a plethora of white clothes that ends up in my closet (secretly makes me happy). It's delicate white lace, in particular, that catches most of my attention. This beautiful dress, got me dreaming for days before I could try them on. Does that happen to you? Dream impatiently about something you ordered online or saw in a store?

 I had planned to wear this dress for my 21st birthday brunch, but was worried about it being delivered in time. Customs trouble, you know? Just an evening before the brunch, it finally arrived and trust me, it was worth the wait. The dress fit like a dream! It looked like it was made directly on my body. And the lining went so well with my skin tone. Wearing a nude dress can be tricky unless you get these two points right. I was so glad it was spot on.

 Thought the accessories must compliment my skin just like the dress did. Wore a sparkling crystal pendant set and crystal bracelet, the most used of all my accessories! Carried a mini Valentino bag and wore these similar toned embellished sandals. Lastly, I added a pop of red on my lips and I was off to celebrate my 21st!

Although this was back in March, I decided to post it now because of the increasing attention the nude dresses have been getting. The Azaelea dress, especially, has been a favourite for a while and was seen on Kristina Bazan and recently on Miranda Kerr. Look out for these gorgeous nude designs for yourself (you need to), before the trend passes on.

Photography: Avinash Murthy

Location Courtesy: Peppermill Bistro


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