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Lip Stains

  Top -  Stalk Buy Love  , Skirt -  Alice McCall  , Shoes - Bambi

Top - Stalk Buy Love , Skirt - Alice McCall , Shoes - Bambi

Everyone goes through print obsession phases; polka, floral, plaid, aztec, animal or even skull prints!! Some prints like polka or floral however, never go out of trend and has a warm spot in every wardrobe. While cleaning my wardrobe a few months ago, I realised that it was filled with solids, florals, polkas and plaid.  I could barely spot anything else. Boring? I know.

Being an impulsive shopper, I was hooked on to Polyvore and ShopStyle to find new prints to add in. With an escalating fan base, Alice McCall's designs were all over these fashion finder apps. I came across this playful lip print co-ord several times, but I wasn't sure if it was something I could carry off.  It was on and off the cart many timesbefore I finally ended up buying it. 

Having a pear shaped body, this was the first light coloured printed bottom I owned. I wore it over my all time favourite bodysuit and tossed on a matching crop. Yesss, off-shoulder with anything and everything! Do you agree? A pair of black pumps was the obvious option to settle the look.

 This look was such a contrast to the fashion rules or myths for wide hips that I sort of followed. It was acontrast that I liked and was comfortable in. Working on this post made me believe that these fashion rules are quite unnecessary. You know those : Avoid bright colours or prints for the hips, say no to horizontal stripes, blah blah. Yes, you need to dress according to your body type. But if you can break off from these rules and still look/feel great then why not?

Photography: Avinash Murthy

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