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   Crepe Coat  - Missa More,   Scalloped Dress  - Missa More, Sunglasses - Prada, Shoes - Bambi, Rings - 20 Dresses & Bag - Michael Kors

Crepe Coat - Missa More,  Scalloped Dress - Missa More, Sunglasses - Prada, Shoes - Bambi, Rings - 20 Dresses & Bag - Michael Kors

Its been a month since Musing on a Hanger came into existence and it's been amazing so far. With all your love and support I hope to amplify it and reach out to as many as possible.

If you're an active Instagram user, you would've definitely come across many Missa More customers either flaunting slit tops or maxis. While browsing through their latest collection, I was looking for something apart from the slit tops as I already owned a couple of them. The moment I glanced on this polka coat, I put it into my cart. Polka top, dress, skirt, I had it all. But a coat? Definitely needed it. Instead of the usual bright colours or pastels, I chose to wear the coat over this Oxblood dress. I loved mixing this dark shade with a quintessential polka print. Also, I adore scalloped cuts. This is one of my favourite purchases from their store! 

Since this day marks a month of Musing on a Hanger, I decided to make it a little special. I have collaborated with my friend Ranita, who is a beauty blogger herself. What clothes are for the body, makeup is for the face. She has given me a deep burgundy lip along with a little contouring to highlight my features. I hope you like the look we teamed up for. She'll be posting details of the makeup on this look soon. So visit her blog to know more. 


Having very little knowledge about makeup, this collaboration helped me understand some of the do's and don'ts about it. Thank you Ranita! :) Makeup is an art that takes a lot of time, patience and experience to perfect. I sure do have a lot to learn and I'm certain that this beauty blog will help me in the process.

Photography: Avinash Murthy

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