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That 70's Look

  Flared pants - Made by me, Coat - Mom's closet, Sandals - Jimmy Choo, Bag - Saint Laurent

Flared pants - Made by me, Coat - Mom's closet, Sandals - Jimmy Choo, Bag - Saint Laurent

Back when I was a child, I'd sit in a corner and watch my mother dress up. I couldn't wait to grow up and dress like her. The way she styled those fancy coats, walked in those pointed toes or even adorned herself with those pretty pearls. It was all so fascinating. I wish I could keep all of it. I'm sure this is mutual to a majority of you. This feeling only gets stronger thanks to the attention vintage fashion receives. 

Moreover, I find it very interesting how fashion repeats itself every 20 or 30years. What's in vogue now is a modernised version of the trends that existed back then. It's almost like a cycle. A fashion trend cycle. Trust me, it's an actual thing. Big designers exhibit collections influenced by the fusion of many modern and vintage factors. It reaches the mass fashion consumers through the celebrities, the media etc. And in no time, similar products hit the market at throw away prices. This trend, in hyper speed, gets common, boring and outdated. Around this time, a new one sets in. Phew!

Moving on from this piece of information to the look featured in this post. When I worked on this post a couple of months ago, I couldn't find the right pair of flared pants. So I got them made. Love this cut cause it gives the illusion of long legs. Which I wish i had. Used this double buckle vintage belt over it and this beautiful burgundy crop top. Never had one with wide high neck, so i was glad to have picked it up. 

Damn, I wish I could travel to the 70's and steal some closets.

Photography : Avinash Murthy

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