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Stripes and Roses

     Top -  Missa More  , Jumpsuit - Random London store , Shoes - ASOS , Bag - Koovs. 


Top - Missa More , Jumpsuit - Random London store , Shoes - ASOS , Bag - Koovs. 

Is it just me who thinks that the days are passing by so rapidly? I just can't believe how quickly the first month ended. Hope you had a great one and could stick to all the resolutions you had penned down. I failed miserably and so, this month, I'm going to give myself a second chance to be dedicated and loyal to my plans. I hope to have some company sailing on the same boat.

Wait, what does the word 'month' remind you of? Oh yes! It's February, the season of love. Although I'm not that into Valentine's Day, I do enjoy the whole city being painted red. The balloons, the hearts or even flowers. I think all of us, yes including the single ones, need to enjoy the spirit of the city and make the most of it. This season isn't just about couples and what they do for each other. It can be as fun even if you're single, provided you spend it the right way. Call up a friend you've been thinking about, make up for the times you've skipped family lunches or just anything you wouldn't normally do for yourself or your special ones. Why not try doing this throughout the year? Yes, if you can do so, you definitely should. But during this time of the year, sweet little gestures do matter to some, if not all. So go ahead and plan up.

For today's post, I've teamed up this maxi top on my favourite black jumpsuit. The idea behind this was a simple date look. It can be carried off during the day or night. The top perfectly mixes the vertical stripes with red floral print. You should check out Missa More's latest collection if you liked this mixed print. They have many variations in it too. I opted for these caged heels since I can easily spend a day in them. Finished off the look with a high pony and this elastic choker. Comfortable and edgy at the same time.

Look out for more of such related outfit ideas all through this month.

Photography : Avinash Murthy

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