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The Power of Dressing

  Top -  Missa More  , Bodycon Midi - River Island , Watch - Marc Jacob , Shoes - Shoe Boutique.

Top - Missa More , Bodycon Midi - River Island , Watch - Marc Jacob , Shoes - Shoe Boutique.

I hope you all had a great and fuss free Valentine's weekend. It's time to get back to the busy lives and work our minds off. Since the weekend seems so far away, the days may pass at a snail's speed. 

Speaking of which, how often do most of us feel confident and powerful at work? No matter what you're position at work is, it's definitely important to feel good from where you stand. Taking care of yourself and investing in yourself sends a positive message about who you are and how you'd like to be treated. You rarely find powerful and independent women looking unkempt. That in no way means you land up at work looking like you're going to be on a magazine cover. Neither does it mean you follow the fashion rules all the time at work or stick to classic suits. You've got to be you, even with how you dress. That's how you showcase your confidence and win over your colleagues, clients or bosses.

For this post, I've worked on a look I'd like to wear at work. I'm not a fan of how wearing suits all the time, be it pant or skirt ones. I like to keep those exclusive to important work days. This look features a comfortable shirt from Missa More worn on top of a black bodycon midi. To give it more structure, warped my tie as a belt. Styled my feet with these ankle strap heels that I can wear all day with ease. 

All in all, you don't need to dress like a man to be perceived as powerful and confident. Fashion is a powerful weapon that can be used by you, or against you. The choice is yours. (As quoted by Kathryn Eisman )

Photography : Avinash Murthy

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