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  Overalls -  Spring Break  , Bag - Michael Kors , Heels - Shoe Boutique .

Overalls - Spring Break , Bag - Michael Kors , Heels - Shoe Boutique .

 I always like to start off my posts with a bit of fashion history. In my opinion, the more you know about what you wear, the better you can style it. And with every post, I learn something new!

 Little did I know that the word "dungarees" originated from a Hindi word "dungrī" and the name of a village in Mumbai, Dongri. I find this fact strangely cool and interesting. Initially exported to England during the first World War, dungarees became more common worldwide due to its durability and practicality. (Not so surprising, right?) From army uniforms to casual everyday wear, dungarees have come a long way. 

 Overalls, a synonym of dungarees, come in all sorts of fits, hues and materials. You know for a fact that they're one of the most comfortable form of clothing. From little kids to middle-aged lots, it would be hard to find one that disagrees with this. Apart from being so snug, overalls are such fun to style. Casual to chic and so many ways in-between.

 This post features these overalls which are the best of its kind in my closet. The lavender shade is so infrequent and the word on it topped it all. I wore these high ankle strap heels and this narrow brim hat just to be on the fancy side. 

P.S. The emoji cut out might seem a bit random now. But it's a sneak peak of something special coming up sometime next month. Stay tuned!

Photography : Avinash Murthy

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