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Eclectic with Marsala

Eclectic with Marsala

  Dress -  Missguided  , Sandals - Jimmy Choo , Clutch - Amazon , Earrings and ring -  Marsala  .

Dress - Missguided , Sandals - Jimmy Choo , Clutch - Amazon , Earrings and ring - Marsala .

This is my first post in association with a jewellery brand, Marsala, and would like to make a confession through it. Being a fashion influencer isn’t always easy. It puts me under pressure to perfect all the looks that go up. Of course it’s normal to err but the desire to look effortlessly perfect at what you do is inevitable. The biggest struggle I deal with is accessories and I try not to show it. My attention is mostly drawn toward clothes, shoes or bags and I often don’t end up buying jewellery. Even when I do, I forget to use them. Many I know face this problem. A piece of jewellery can make or break a look and certainly can’t be eliminated completely.

When I started the blog, I thought it was a good chance for me to fix this issue. I gave more attention to jewellery while I was shopping and also looked for ones I already owned. I started making use of little pieces every time I stepped out, just to make it a habit. If you have followed the earlier posts, you would’ve noticed how I go simple with jewellery and don’t involve too much of it yet.

There are many jewellery brands around that have simple, easy-to-style pieces. But when it comes to bold statement pieces, there are only a handful of brands which have ones that can be carried off by a “first-timer”. Marsala is one such brand that I’ve been mesmerised by. Picked these eclectic & edgy earrings and the ring from the collection that was put forward to me.

Wore a simple one sleeved dress and paired them with my favourite Choos. I just love how the jewellery dramatically changed the whole look and drew all the attention. Will definitely be indulging in more of such pieces here on. 

Photography : Ganesh Umari

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