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Flouncy Fringes + Infinity Times Infinity

  Skirt -  Deme  , Top - Rehab , Sandals - ASOS.

Skirt - Deme , Top - Rehab , Sandals - ASOS.

I've been smitten with the glamour of the roaring twenties ever since I watched movies like the Great Gatsby or Downtown Abbey. It was the period of liberation from the standard norms and was all about being free spirited. The tight corsets and heavy layers were tossed off and the clothes got lighter, shorter and more comfortable. Coco Chanel played a huge role in introducing corset-free busts and even trousers for women! 

The biggest highlights however, were the flapper dresses or the fancy fringes. Paired with delicate fascinators and gloves, these looks are the first to hit the mind when one speaks of the 20's. I always imagined myself in such glittery-glam outfits and hoped someday, I could dress that way to a non-themed event. With only the designers bringing back such fascinating apparel, I rarely found pieces that wouldn't make me cringe at the price tag.

Almost at the end of last year, I came across this stunning skirt which wasn't too easy on the pocket but was definitely worth it. I couldn't stop twisting and turning to watch the fringes dance along. It was the perfect choice for grand evening like NYE 2016. I worked on this post after several suggestions to do so followed since that night. 

As this was such a glam look, I was skeptical to do the right makeup myself. This post features Ranita, the beauty blogger (infinitytimesinfinty) who came to my rescue. Glitter eyelids and a red lip is what she thought looked best with the outfit. More about my makeup will be on her blog soon, keep an eye on that. 

The next New Year's Eve is too far off, but if you like the look as much as I do, you can always wear such an outfit on any other grand day. You can't go wrong with this one. And always remember what Coco said, you can always be overdressed but never over elegant!

Photography: Avinash Murthy

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