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A Take Away

  Dress -  Missa More  , Heels - ASOS , Earring - Forever 21 , Belt - Local Australian store.

Dress - Missa More , Heels - ASOS , Earring - Forever 21 , Belt - Local Australian store.

I've recently come into the conclusion that a majority of us are wanderers. Not only with respect to travel, but in all other aspects too. We never settle in one place, we're always chasing after things that are away from the present. Having goals and working towards them is great. But, how often do we do so without forgetting to live in the present? Or rather, give yourself a pause from this chase? 

How many of us enjoy spending time by ourselves, without depending on another person or a device? Just breathe some fresh air, get lost in silence or soak ourselves in some golden light? Small elements like these help make our chase much easier and smoother. Whatever the chase may be. Sparing just as little as fifteen minutes everyday from all your activities by yourself, can make a huge difference. 

We all look after the outside of ourselves greatly by exercising, wearing fashionable clothes or accessories etc. On the inside, however, we hardly give any attention. Feeling good and stress free within is as important as looking good on the outside. It makes one feel lighter, younger and more beautiful. Try this for yourself and tell me if I'm wrong! This is something I've been wanting to share for a while and is also the reason why I swayed away from fashion in this post. Hope it is worth sharing! :)

Photography : Avinash Murthy

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