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Yoga with LocalOye

 Top & Bottom -  Victoria's Secret Sport  .

Top & Bottom - Victoria's Secret Sport .

Happy Women’s day to all you beautiful women out there. Hope all of you get some time off today to celebrate womanhood. Some time off to appreciate yourself and the women around you, for all the love, courage, effort, comittment or sacrifices that goes into being the wonderful women y’all are today.

We are so occupied in doing things that are always ahead of us. There’s always so much to do at once and no time at all. Many a times, we wish we had more hours in a day, more hands to work, more help and what not. We crave for simpler and quicker ways to do things so as to have a stress free life. Thankfully, in the recent years, there have been many ways to solve such problems with just a click. The app, LocalOye is one newfound ways in which I like to manage multiple tasks at the same time.

Consider a situation where you have to drive your grandmother to some place, get your bathroom basin fixed, go to yoga class, get your eyebrows done or finish writing your CV, all in about a day. With this app, you can hire a driver to drive your grandmother around, call in a plumber to fix the basin, book a yoga session, get beauty services done at home or call in for some help to finish off that incomplete CV. It has so many services to offer, you need to try it to believe it!

Since I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to fitness, I booked a yoga session through LocalOye to show you what their services look like. Before taking the session, I was free to choose my budget, the yoga trainer, location and time.  At the time of the session, since two trainers were free, they both came in to train me. I’m more into weight training and cardio, so yoga was quite new to me. These trainers, as you can see, taught me so many asanas and helped me correct my postures whenever needed. They were so kind and helpful. After a hectic week without proper sleep, this session was what I needed most. I felt so relaxed and fresh after I was done. I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Can’t wait to take another one with them! 

I highly recommend the app, LocalOye. I have personally found it to be very helpful, especially when I have some unplanned work popping up. Trust me, it makes life easy! Try it out and let me know what you think by commenting below.

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