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Meet & Greet with Rihanna at NYC

While having breakfast and simultaneously going through my mails one morning, I saw this mail titled - Congratulations!! My heart skipped a beat as I quickly opened the mail and just half way through it I found myself jumping with joy, screaming at the top of my voice. I was finally going to meet a woman I've loved since I was in the 6th grade. In a city of dreams, New York. As I got back down to earth, I realised things were not as fancy as it seemed. There were literally 10 days, for me to apply and get my US visa as I didn't have one. Most of you know what an impossible task this can be. TEN DAYS! No appointments available. Myntra team and I were so doubtful of things falling in place. Somehow, we managed to get the appointment just 5 days prior to the trip and I got my visa. It was almost a miracle. Wouldn't be possible without Pratheek and his team from Myntra and Simran - Creative Head of PUMA India. Hurriedly packed whatever I could find and also added 25k worth products that Puma gave each winner to wear whenever we'd like during our stay there. It was finally time to fly in to NYC! And my excitement dancing with nervousness was unmatchable. 

A little after I reached and settled down in my super comfy hotel that Myntra had arranged, I met the other winner of this contest. Niki Mehra, a fashion influencer from Delhi. Since we had almost a day left before the event, we spent some time roaming around Wall Street area which was right next to our hotel. The following morning we went to the Brooklyn bridge and had breakfast by the bridge. Soon after, we began to get dressed for the first Fenty by Rihanna for Puma event for VIPs at the Bergdorf Goodman store. I wore these black Puma sport tights, weight lifting grips for the wrist, and a choker with said PUMA.

 I was literally shaking on the way to the event. Omg. Rihanna. It was actually happening. Not a dream. It was REAL. When we reached, we were welcomed by Mathais from the PUMA USA team. He then took got us in to the event where we sipped some champagne and walked around the display of the Fenty collection. We also met some of the VIPs, bloggers, media and had some fun conversations! 3 hours later, Rihanna arrived! She spoke to a few people, addressed the media and left. If you saw my Instagram story, you'd know what I'm talking about. There was no time to wonder when we'd get to meet her. Mathias took us to the next event soon after at SIX: 02. This event was open to public and there were hundreds lined up outside the store, waiting just to meet her. We were taken directly past this queue, into the store; to a small room where a few from the media, a few PUMA directors and Riri's security were waiting. Soon, she arrived with her best friends. Couldn't believe it was just a few of us in a room with her! Once she was done speaking to the magazine reps, we were asked to meet her. 

Before I uttered anything, she shook hands with me and said "Hi! Oh My Gosh, you're pretty. And wait, is that a Puma choker? It is so dope!". She meddled with the few letters.  Before I could snap out and respond, we were asked to take pictures. So Niki went first, while I was trying to calm myself down. Then I clicked some pictures with her. And we all spoke about how long it took us to come and how we won the competition. She is so beautiful and so warm! Then it was time for us to leave, as she had to meet the public. How I wish I could freeze that moment. As we left, I picked up these sick boots from the Fenty collection as a memory of that day. How cool are they?! 

The following four days, Niki and I spent time discovering a few of the plethora of things in New York! We met a few friends, went to the top attractions, also took a helicopter tour around NYC! Annnnd we bumped into Parineeti Chopra while we were clubbing one night! We had such a ball of a time. It was like a dream that ended so quickly. I could go on and on about more details, but the post would never end. So if you ever need to know what you can do in New York with just 4 - 5 days in hand, get in touch with me and I could help you out with that! 

As I end this post, I want to thank Prateek Kotha, Jhanvi Viruprakash, Abhishek Mohla and everyone from the Myntra team who helped us fight all odds, get to New York and stay there safely! I'd also want to thank Simran Deshraj, Creative Head of Puma India for helping us throughout; making sure we had the best time at the events and taken care off so well! Also like to thank Mathias for making us feel so welcome and introducing us to the elite PUMA members. I'd also like to thank POPxo for introducing me to this competition. Finally, and most importantly, thank you all, who voted and helped me get here. IMMENSE LOVE to all of you! This has been a journey I will never forget. ❤️


PS: I apologise for the poor image quality. Neither of us carried around our heavy cameras nor have great photography skills.